May 2020 Agents of the Month

Dated: June 5 2020

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Rich Melton, Listing

Christina O'Keefe, Listing

Glen Reed, Selling


Cheryl Bush, Listing & Selling


Teresa Dunn & Jim Holland, Listing

Hannes Poetter, Crown Realty

Mound City:

Jennie Carbon, Listing

Trenton Johnson, Selling


Tom Balsbaugh, Listing & Selling


Shirley Altic, Listing

Laurie Blanco, Selling


Patty Simpson, Listing

Marlene Riebe, Selling


Spring Hill:

April Erhart, Listing

Lynn Baker, Selling

Katie Schumacher, Selling

Stephanie Brady, Selling

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Katie Casey

Whether you are hoping to become a first time homeowner or you are downsizing after many years of home ownership, I would be honored to help you with your real estate needs. I offer both buyer and sel....

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May 2020 Agents of the Month

Gardner:Rich Melton, ListingChristina O'Keefe, ListingGlen Reed, SellingHarrisonville:Cheryl Bush, Listing & SellingLouisburg:Teresa Dunn & Jim Holland, ListingHannes Poetter, Crown

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April 2020 Agents of the Month

Gardner:Rich Melton, ListingTammy Waterman, Listing & SellingHarrisonville:Chery Bush, Listing & SellingTeresa Ford, SellingLouisburg:Mike Miller, Listing & Selling Mound City

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