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Truly the most unique Investment OPPORTUNITY in America Today

Never before has such a unique investment opportunity been available. The chance to create a destination that could rival Disney, Branson, Vegas or even the natural parks is now available right in the center of our great nation. A savvy investor has the opportunity to build on maybe the most colorful times of our glorious history and transform that into a profitable 21st century, shopping/dining/entertainment district that is truly unique and only limited by the imagination of the visionary. Yes, the possibilities are limitless!!!

This investment opportunity includes over 50 parcels of property encompassing over 150,000 sq. ft of retail/office space, located at the edge of a three million person metropolitan area. It is just 30 minutes from the center of an area that ranks in the top 10 in the country in disposable income and family income. It is less than 45 minutes from all parts of this metro area. These properties surround a beautiful and functional 1890s courthouse. The current visionary owner has saved and rehabbed the properties on the historic square in a district that is ready to begin full scale operation.

The parcels, by design, are in various stages of development, from open and operating, to complete structural rehabbing ready for interiors, to raw buildings and land just waiting for “your” vision to take them to the next level. Literally within days, at least two operating restaurants and bar facilities, twenty thousand square feet of office space and limitless retail space could be opened up and creating a return on your investment. As all the great developers knew it is important to have population right next to your retail district to create a regular clientele, this area has buildings that could be transformed in to ever popular loft apartments, PLUS this investment includes vacant land right next to the development. Yes, that is right, the perfect spot for high density apartments.

This opportunity has it all. Additionally it includes a 72,000 sq. ft. retail facility located with in one mile that can easily be made to complement the historic nature of the area.

Not in our lifetime will an opportunity like this present itself again. It is the opportunity to make an enormous return on an investment. It is the opportunity to be named along with visionaries like Hughes, Disney, Barnum and Dunmire.

The only limit is your imagination.

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