Staycation Ideas

We think your home should be one of your favorite places in the world to be!  And we want to help you get lots of enjoyment in yours.  So, read our list of staycation ideas!


  • Have a family board game tournament.
  • Camp in your backyard.
  • Virtual Museum Tour (Here is one for the Natural History Museum)
  • Go Geocaching around your neighborhood
  • Get Wet! Play outside in your sprinklers, hose or even your pool if you have one.
  • Create your own art.  Use things you find in or around your home to make creative and fun art to display in your home.
  • Have a themed dinner.  Pick a theme and make food and drinks that go with it.
  • Host your own film festival.  Invite your friends or just have family over and watch your favorite movies.
  • Give yourselves makeovers and put on a fashion show
  • Have an outdoor movie night.  Set up an outside projector on a sheet screen or just gather around a laptop or tablet.  Snuggle up with blankets under the stars with your favorite snacks.
  • Go on a bike ride adventure!
  • Do a neighborhood scavenger hunt.  Make your own or get ideas here.

Also, check out our Local Events calendar and our Pinterest Boards “Things to do in KC” and “Staycation Ideas” for more tips and ideas for how to have fun without leaving home!

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Can you think of any we missed?  What are your favorite staycation ideas?  We’d love to hear from you!

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